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The Center for Drug Evaluation (CODE) at the University of Florida helps finance low-cost, high impact research involving childhood and cancer disease. Every year, hundreds of projects based on promising preclinical technologies are funded in part by the pharmaceutical giants. Most public research facilities that obtain CRO preclinical funding do so from pharmaceutical company contributions. A portion of these contributions go to support the facility's core activities, while the remaining funds go to specific projects. However, it is often difficult for scientists to know where their CRO preclinical funding is going and what it is being used for.

In a sense, CRO preclinical may be a money-making cash cow for pharmaceutical research facilities. The fact that the federal government encourages the development of this type of research makes it easier for them to participate in it. But, for the average scientist, the concept of how CRO preclinical funding works is hazy. What is the connection between government support and independent projects? How do they get CRO preclinical funding and what are the projects involved? Why are they different from normal research grants?

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